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Graphic Design, Videography,

3D Modeling, & Digital Fabrication.

Fine arts has always been a constant in my life. That and my passion for exploring new terrains has nurtured my interest in becoming a multidisciplinary designer. My personal work often tells stories through visual juxtaposition. In recent years, I've grown to develop my skills with technology, to now integrate 3D and computational technology into my design practice.

Living in cities at the heart of globalization – Hong Kong in my youth, and NYC in my present – I've developed my interest in the beauty of unique cultures living in harmony. As your resident foodie, linguaphile, and period drama fanatic, everything from traditional cuisine and daily customs to both the preservation and modernization of these practices fascinate me. This has enabled my love for adventure in my personal life, while I explore the concept of coexistence in my design practice.

Hey! I'm Claudia.

I specialize in

I'm also experienced in

I've worked as a

Fashion Design, Branding,

Motion Graphics, & Coding.

Graphic Designer, Production Assistant, & Accessories + Footwear Design Intern

You can view my resume here

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