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KIN Food Halls


Work Experience – Production Assistant


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe PhotoShop

Adobe AfterEffects

Adobe PremierePro

Print Design (Posters, Out-Of-Home Ads etc.)

Digital Design (Venue Screens, App Assets, Website Design etc.)

Digital Marketing (Email, YouTube, Instagram etc.)

Duration: Jun 2022 to Aug 2022

Location: Hong Kong SAR

Company Category: Food Hall / Food & Beverages Company

Job Description:

1. Company website design.

2. Assist in filming and editing brand promotional videos.

3. Creating static and motion graphic visuals for digital marketing, social media, venue screens, outdoor advertisements and print.

Inspiration from

ancient mythology

The transition between angelic and cyberpunk music was marked by the symbol of apples in EVE

– in reference to the story of Adam and Eve in Eden, a major inspirationof this project.

Inspiration from

classic paintings

The Two Fridas (1939) by Frida Kahlo inspired this scene in EVE. The piece was drawn from Kahlo’s inner turmoil

in regards to separation with her former husband. This aligns with regaining control over tragic experiences.

Inspiration from

classic paintings

Liberty Leading the People (1830) by Eugène Delacroix, an iconic painting symbolizing liberacy,

entertwines with EVE ’s theme of empowerment, especially with a female figure as the leader of the people.

Inspiration from

classic paintings

The Birth of Venus (1485- 1486) by Sandro Botticeli was a controversial painting in the middle ages

for its nudity. Symbolizing the rebirth of civillization, it speaks for EVE’s central idea.

Inspiration from biomimicry

The Texas horned lizard cries blood when they feel under attack as a defense mechanism.

This inspired the make up look of the avatars in EVE.

Inspiration from historical artifacts

The throne’s design in EVE was inspired by ancient Chinese thrones as in reference to preliminal research. They are similar in silhouette but differs in a way where EVE’s throne has a toned down color palette and added minimalist touch.

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Social Media Content

Instagram Reels

Project Responsibilities:

1. Coordinate with social media marketing team for data insights

2. Workshop unique and fresh ideas based on recent trends to increase engagement

3. Showcase events and happenings at KIN

Discover New Items

Sake Central Brand Introduction

Brunch Activities Promo

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Company Website Design

"What's On" Section Addition

Project Responsibilities:

1. Add a "What's On" section on the company website to increase traction with recent events taking visual inspiration from other deliverables

2. Ensure a smooth and pleasant web flow experience for the viewer

3. Lead and oversee the project while communicating with software engineer about function feasibility and wireframe of the website

2nd Draft Fried Chicken Promotion

Happy Hour & Dinner Promotion

Mindful Sparks New Product Promotion

Digital Venue Screens

Grassroots Initiatives Pop-Up Promotion

GooglePlay App Download Ad